San Francisco Opera’s Show Boat released in movie theaters

Earl and Alexis were privileged to be a part of this seminal production recorded live at the War Memorial Opera House starring Harriet Harris, Bill Irwin, Heidi Stober, Michael Todd Simpson, Patricia Racette, Morris Robinson and Angela Simpson.

SHOW BOAT will be released in theaters by Rising Alternative, a leading international distributor of content for exhibition in digital format in cinemas, cultural centers and other public venues since 2006. Rising Alternative provides cinemas with programs from the world’s most prestigious performing arts institutions. During the past two years, Rising Alternative have released 22 new titles per year, live via satellite as well as on DCP and other digital cinema formats, and their exhibition partner network includes more than 2700 screens in 44 countries.

SHOW BOAT will open in major cities across the United States beginning with Los Angeles on May 25, and in New York City on June 12. Other cities include Boston, Chicago, Washington DC, Miami, Atlanta, St. Louis, Philadelphia, San Jose, and Honolulu, with more locations and dates soon to be announced. Read More